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Прайм Лигал / Публикации в СМИ / FC Otkrytie filed a lawsuit against Rosneft due to the Kaliningrad network of filling stations

FC Otkrytie filed a lawsuit against Rosneft due to the Kaliningrad network of filling stations

FC “Otrkytie” filed a lawsuit against Rosneft because of the Kaliningrad network of filling stations 268
Interests of FC “Otrkytie” and Rosneft collided in a dispute over the property of the company “Rosneft”, owning a network of gas stations in Kaliningrad. The bank requires from Rosneft to lift arrest from property of the debtor

Bank Financial Corporation “Otkrytie” in late October filed a lawsuit against Rosneft demanding that the property of ZAO Rosneft, which deals with wholesale and retail sales of petroleum products in Kaliningrad, be released from its arrest. Rosneft in this case is a co-defendant, along with the oil company.

The press service of the bank stressed that “the lawsuit is aimed at challenging the arrest applied by the bailiff in respect of the property “Rosneft”, which is the subject of a pledge under a contract with the bank, and” Rosneft Involved as a defendant as a person in whose interests the arrest is seized. ” A source in the bank, on condition of anonymity, explained to RBC that the size of the pledge that appears in the claim is insignificant.

  Rosneft It’s not the first year that he has been trying to recover from “Rosneft a debt of 774 million rubles.   for the supply of petroleum products. The relevant contract was concluded in 2009. A little over a year ago, the court, at the request of Rosneft arrested the property of “Rosneft and in late October 2014 agreed with the plaintiff’s demands and ordered” to enter into the Kaliningrad company’s procedure for external surveillance. ” At Rosneft < / RTI > appointed an interim administrator, and the “namesake” recognized as creditor of the third stage.

Now ZAO Rosneft owns 11 filling stations in the Kaliningrad region, and also handles wholesale supplies of petroleum products. According to the data of SPARK-Interfax, currently 50% of the shares of Ros &Oft belongs to the firm ADDREM , and another 25% – daughter of LUKOIL LLC &LUKOIL-KMN and Rosneft . However, Rosneft’s own retail network in the Kaliningrad region yet.

As RBC’s employee, Ros & Rosneft, said, at present all the company’s gas stations operate in the Kaliningrad region. However, to comment on the situation with the lawsuits of FC “Otrkytie” and Rosneft the company refused.

Temporary Manager of Rosneft Oleg Smetanin also confirmed to RBC that the company is operating normally. He said that, in addition to FC “Otrkytie” and “Rosneft”, claim the assets of Rosneft may another credit institution, which so far has not filed claims.

According to Thomson Reuters KORTES, in 2010 Rosneft RTI ID = 0.0 > < was the fourth company in the region by the number of filling stations and occupied 6.6% of the regional market (there are 170 filling stations in the region). According to the research company Research.Techart, now the share of the company Rosneft on the retail market of oil products of the Kaliningrad region can reach up to 12.7%, and in the wholesale market   – up to 14.5%.

At the same time, analysts of Thomson Reuters KORTES note that due to the costs of transportation through the territory of neighboring countries, the prices for gasoline in the Kaliningrad region are higher than in other regions of the NWFD. So liter A-92/93 on the territory of the enclave costs 33.4 rubles., More expensive gasoline will cost only residents of the Murmansk region – 34.14 rubles. (the average price for the NWFD is 32.7 rubles).

&la Rosneft is not present in the retail oil products market of the Kaliningrad region and it is not yet clear whether the company has plans to fill this gap. At the request of RBC in the oil company was not answered, and according to experts, the arrest of the assets of the debtor company is not a guarantee that the network of gas stations will fall into the ownership of the lender.

Even the monitoring procedure, as explained by RBC CEO of the legal company PrimeLegal Arik Shabanov, does not always lead to the bankruptcy of the company, by and large, Rosneft can still improve their affairs. Get the gas station debtor, according to Shabanov, Rosneft can in the event that the assets of the debtor are put up for auction and the oil company will take part in them. And Smetanin notes that in court the representatives of “Ros & amp; Oil & raquo; talked about the fact that they plan to pay off their creditors, but whether the company will take concrete steps to do this is not clear 

21.11.2014.  Material from rbc.ru https://www.rbc.ru/business/21/11/2014/546f1d84cbb20f5f2d728e35

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