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Прайм Лигал / Публикации в СМИ / Deputies are going to protect Russian property abroad

Deputies are going to protect Russian property abroad

The State Duma will consider the government’s initiative on the response to unlawful arrests of Russian property abroad. The deputies are going to discuss amendments to the restriction of the immunity of foreign property on September 25.

In Russia, expand the list of property seized from other countries Previously, the importance of this bill was stressed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev : according to him, the Russian Federation must thus respond to those, as a rule, wrongful actions that are being undertaken with respect to Russian property in a number of other countries. According to the head of government, these actions are not dictated by law, but by political considerations &raquo ;. And the response of the Russian Federation should include a refusal to grant such a state immunity from Russian judicial decisions.

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As recalled after the meeting of the State Duma Council, Sergei Naryshkin, the initiative provides for the principle of reciprocity. If a foreign state has limited the immunity of Russia or property of the Russian Federation on its territory, our country will be able to respond symmetrically. That is, to limit the immunity of a foreign state and its property in the same volume.

Officials began to take away property purchased for hidden income The law is relevant, primarily in connection with the arrests of Russian assets that occurred in France and Belgium. Recall that in June, pursuant to the decision of the Arbitration Court in The Hague, in the suit of the former YUKOS shareholders in these countries property was seized, which their authorities consider to be Russian. This decision requires Russia to collectively pay 50 billion dollars.

The head of the State Duma committee on property issues, Sergei Gavrilov believes that the adoption of amendments will be a “good call” » Anyone who practices the same actions in relation to our interests abroad. According to him, they will enable the Russian Federation to more actively protect its interests, based on judicial decisions. The explanatory note to the draft law notes that the number of claims against the Russian Federation and its bodies in foreign courts is steadily increasing. And at the same time, Russia’s consent to its participation in the case is not sought. In many countries, our country is not granted judicial immunity, that is, protection against the decision of foreign courts. And Russia, in turn, lacked the tools of political influence on these foreign states. As a result of the adoption of amendments, they will appear.

Cabinet clarified the procedure for managing state property abroad As explained by managing partner of the law firm « Prime ligue » candidate of law Arik Shabanov , the Russian Federation will be able to take judicial or executive measures against a foreign state. In this case, it is not only about the right to apply to a court, but also about the right to arrest, prohibition of any actions, etc.

According to the expert, this legislative initiative is not innovative, because in many countries – in the US, Britain, Australia – similar principles are directly fixed at the legislative level. Or they are used due to the established judicial practice, as in France, Greece and Italy.

This bill is supported in the Federation Council, and will be considered as a priority, assured Senator Konstantin Dobrynin.

 When accepting this document, the state wants to say: keep in mind, in case of your unfriendly actions towards Russia, we will do the same , – he explained.

21.09.2015  Material from: https://rg.ru/2015/09/21/imyshestvo-site.html

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